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The Assassination of President Lincoln

Author: Marius
Booth pretended to be an ____ to get close to Lincoln
Name of city Lincoln was killed in
What part of the Lincoln's body was shot
A temporary coffin was draped with a ____ as Lincoln's body was taken to the White House
What was the consequence of Booth's assassination of Lincoln
What did Booth break after shooting Lincoln
What play was Lincoln watching when he was shot
Lincoln was buried in his hometown of
The name of the cemetery Lincoln's body was buried in
Lincoln's body traveled from Washington to Illinois by
Who killed Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln sat in a_________ above the stage when he was shot
The _______of President Lincoln spread throughout the country
Who screamed and let the audience know that Lincoln was shot
Mary Lincoln asked the surgeon to give her a piece of Lincoln's ___
Booth used what type of weapon to kill Lincoln
Last name of doctor who tried to help Lincoln when he was first shot
How was Lincoln killed
What was the name of the theater Abraham Lincoln was shot in