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Finals vocab words science

The number of waves that pass in a given point
Bouncing back of a wave when it hits the surface
Makes small objects look larger
The height of a wave from the rest position to the crest
Organisms that gets it's energy by breaking down wastes and dead orginisms
Plants using light energy to make food
A nonliving particle that reproduces inside a living cell
The Diffusion of water
Asexual reproduction where a new organism grows out of the parent
Where an animal sleeps throughout a season
The bottom part of a transverse wave
Perception of the energy of a sound
The part of a lab report where you take an educated guess
What a wave travels through
The distance between 2 crests or troughs of a wave
The region located in between the cell membrane and the nucleus
Makes objects appear larger
A part of a longitudinal wave where the particles are spread out from each other
When molecules move from high to low concentration levels
A part of a longitudinal ave where the particles are close together
The highest part of a transverse wave
A repeated back and forth or up and down motion
A seismic sea wave which displaces a large volume of water
The ability to do work
Refracts light and at least 2 surfaces must have an angle between them