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science crossword

An unusually high outbreak a new infectious disease throughout a large region
Use of high frequency sound waves to image organs and other body structures
Process of fertilization by bringing egg and sperm cells together outside the mother's body
Polymer of glucose molecules found in baked items
Large molecules/ polymers containing carbon
The inability to achieve pregnancy within one year
A thickening agent in dairy products
White blood cells that eat foreign particles by engulfing them
Harmful microorganisms impervious to antibiotics
Chronic imbalance between the energy consumed in food and what is used by the body
Resistance to a certain disease causing organism or substance
Produces sodium bicarbonate
Changing genetic traits of an organism by intentional modification
Causes malaria
Substances obtained from microorganisms that inhibit the growth of or destroy other microorganisms
Structural components of a cell membrane
Very contagious viral disease that killed 300 million-500million in the 20th century
The amount of energy required to heat one gram of water 1 degree celsius
Removal of wastes from the body
Food additive found in many asian desserts