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Art 7 Vocabulary

Rendering of shadows to indicate form
Blue, Green, Violet
Careful application of art media e.g. color pencil
Artistic convention to represent distance
Tools of art: Line, Shape, Form, Space, Color, Texture
Element of Art that indicates 3-D on 2-D surface
Colors opposite each other on the Color Wheel
Colors next to each other on the Color Wheel
Black line created where an object rests on a surface
Red, Orange, Yellow
Element of Art - line that encloses a space 2-D
Principle of Art that exploits difference
One of 4 options available to locate the C.O.I. in a well designed composition
Color Scheme with three colors
Tools of composition: Movement, Unity, Balance, Contrast, Proportion, Variety, Rhythm, Emphasis
Lightness of darkness of color as evaluated by the gray scale
First thing a viewer sees
The continuum of white to black
Deliberate arrangement of elements in an artistic work
Dark area/shape created by an object blocking the light
Absence of light, shadow.
All color in light
Element of Art that directs the eye, creates shape/texture