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Consumer Education Review

A choice made in a logical, organized manner, so that it will most likely fulfill your need or want.
Things you can NOT live without.
A purchase made on a whim - you did not think about it.
The value of a good or service.
A plan to reach long term goals over time.
The study of how economic systems work.
Your principles; knowing what is right vs wrong.
Things that are made or grown.
Someone who makes or grows goods or offers services.
A series of important events that happen throughout your life.
Someone who buys goods and services.
The difference between money received for selling a product and producing a product.
Things that you would like to have but can live without.
How much consumers want something.
All the things used to create goods and services.
The value of your next best alternative whenever you make a choice.
The amount of something available to consumers.
The things you want to accomplish in life.
Work that someone does for someone else.
A plan for dividing your income into savings and spending.