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Life Science Chapter 26 Reproduction and Development

Teacher: Julie Nordin - Earth Science
Wrinkles may become prominent, physical strength continues to decline. (two words)
Gray hair appears, physical abilities begin to decline.(two words)
Semen passes through the vas deferens into this.
Peak of physical development. (two words)
If an egg is not fertilized, a woman's uterus sheds blood and tissue on the first day of (two words)
The two most common reproductive cancers among women. (_____and _______)
The name of the male hormone.
Where a female's egg is usually fertilized. (two words)
In a multiple birth, if the two offsping look alike and share the same genes they are called (two words)
Reproductive system matures, body changes into adult form.
Permanent teeth grow in, greater muscle coordination and activity.
One sexually transmitted disease that a person can get during sex with an infected person.
When a baby is born, it passes out of the mother's body through this.
A multiple birth in which five babies are produced.
Where female eggs are produced.
Where sperm mixes with fluid that is made here. (two words)
A man who does not produce enough healthy sperm is usually this.
Where implantation of the embryo takes place in the wall of this.
Stage of quick growth, baby teeth appear, begin to walk.
The male hormone is produced here. Terms dealing with growth childhood young adult older adult infancy adolescence middle age