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What state recounted and chose the president
Approval rating went up after Clinton was...
Former leader of Iraq who was topped in 2003
Company infamous for its corruption during the 90s
First female sectary of state
Hillary Clinton was responsible for making this new and better but was unsuccessful
Real estate scandal-Clinton's friend was responsible
Law that placed strict gun laws
What was the ruling on Bush v. Gore
Who won the 2004 election?
White house intern whose affair with the president led to impeachment
The U.S will use preemptive strike in order to protect our national security
Whos tax cut policy was similar to Bush's?
Province in Yugoslavia bombed by NATO to protect Muslims form Serbs
Bush ran against him during the 2000 election
Speaker of the house who had to resign due his scandals
Supreme court ruled sodomy laws are unconstitutional
Clinton Mandated standardized testing in order to determine the school's effectiveness
Investigated Clinton for whiewater scandal
Any means necessary to repel another attack of U.S
Bush's VP