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Unchangeable Prefixes, Revised (Dr. Wieland's class)

SMALL or tiny
A BAD illness or misfortune
To burst BETWEEN
A basic foundation or framework BELOW a community; a system of public works
A very LARGE stone used in prehistoric structures in Western Europe
INTO a vein
OUT of this earthy world
To twist someone's words or intention BACK at him/her
The state or condition of having AN EXCESS of something
NOT normal
A NEWLY coined word
AFTER birth
BEFORE death
The MIDDLE size of something
To take someone or something a step DOWN
A statement which does NOT follow another, logically
To make as BIG or LARGE as possible
One who does NOT believe in god
The act of putting something or someone AWAY or APART from the flock
To create generations going FORWARD
The state or condition of looking AROUND cautiously before speaking or acting
The factors that stands AROUND or surround a situation or event
Having MANY faces or aspects
Someone who looks OVER one or more people
A OPPOSITE order that cancels a previous order
A device for looking at very SMALL structures
A delusion that parts of the patient's body are LARGER than they really are