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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Teacher: Cremins
Establishing fatherhood for the purpose of child support.
Note after mi.
Super cool teacher.
A small flying insect or a spelling contest.
Cry hard.
Not married.
Not close
A crime that carries less than a year in prison as it's punishment.
Crime that carries a punishment of more than a year in prison.
Where a belt is worn.
A mercy killing.
A fisherman's tool.
High card.
A holy book.
Early release from prison for good behavior.
Stop sign color.
The first 10 amendments. (3)
The type of trial when a judge decides the verdict (not a jury).
Any violation of the law.
Stealthy in a secretive way.
The type of sexual assault where a person's consent doesn't factor into the charge because of their age. (2)
Food leftovers.
________ and switch (a tricky advertising technique).
The objection used when a lawyer asks questions so fast that a witness doesn't have time to answer them.
A legal agreement to pay for goods or services.
Scary Halloween lady.
An underage individual.
A small taste of a drink.
Illegally high interest rates.
This branch of our government interprets the law.
You will get charged with perjury if you do this while testifying in court.
Head movement that means yes.
A rule made by the government.
A spot on your clothes.
A minor who tries to borrow money will need one of these in order to get a loan.
People who spend too much money need one of these to help curb their spending.
Stop breathing.
Sly as a ______.
"G" in GOP.
A document that tells people how you want your property distributed after you die.
Hit with an open hand.
Legally ending a marriage.
Father of jr.
Not cold.
A child's string toy.
Short for gym class.
Burning another's property.
A bird's home.
A type of metal.
Martial arts are taught for the ____ defense purposes.
A group of people who take their case to court together. (2)
A small version.
Pretty cool teacher.
The exam lawyers must pass in order to be certified.
Animal rights organization.
One of the stooges.
The legal process of becoming independent from your parents before you turn 18.
One side in this type of court is called the plaintiff.
Type of auto insurance that is mandatory in the state of Illinois.
A guarantee from a company about the specific performance of their product.
Prepare for a test.
Surf and _______. (Lobster and steak).
A popular seasoning.
A poisonous snake.
A deal taken by the defendant where they admit guilt in order to get a lighter sentence.
Borrowing money to pay for something means you're using this.
A citizen's responsibility.
A foul is to basketball what an _________ is to court.
Someone who helps the principal commit the crime.
Aggressive physical contact without consent.
A judges letter that requires a person to attend court to testify.
A woman who carries another woman's baby during pregnancy.
Type of trial where the burden of proof is beyond a reasonable doubt.
A young girl in Scotland.
Spoken words that hurt someone's reputation.
The crime of being married to two people at the same time.
When a defense lawyer asks a prosecution witness questions it's this type of examination.
A really bad grade.
Money used to make sure a defendant will attend their trial.
Barbie, Cabbage Patch or American Girl. (singular)
A story.
Started a fire.
An angry group of people.
Not night.
Just ___ it. (Nike)
Former girlfriend or boyfriend.