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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Earth Science Review

Name __________________________________
Rock formed from molten rock.
_____ waves are vibrations similar to sound waves that carry energy released by an earthquake.
When a loop is cut off from the river, a/an _____ lake forms.
Structure that rises from the floor of a cavern.
A volcano that is unlikely to ever erupt again is called _____.
Where two plates meet is called a _______.
As a glacier flows over land, it picks up rocks in a process called _____.
The Earth's ______ core is a dense ball of solid metal.
Usually a combination of two or more minerals
Rocks that form when small particles or rocks or remains of plants and animals are pressed and cemented together are _______.
Distance north or south of the equator is measured using _____.
The layer of rock that forms Earth's outer layer is the ____.
Sediment deposits carried to the end of a river can form this.
A cavern is caused by erosion due to _________.
The difference in elevation between the highest and lowest part of an area is its _______.
When sediment is put down, the process is called ______.
An imaginary line that circles Earth halfway between the North and South Pole.
When plates move apart, they are said to ______.
The hardness of a mineral is determined by a _____ test.
Igneous rock that formed from lava that erupted on the Earth's surface is called_____.
A sleeping volcano is called _____.
A _____ begins over warm ocean water as a low-pressure area or tropical disturbance.
Basic building block of rocks.
Layer of the atmosphere that blocks uv radiation.
Molten rock beneath Earth's surface
You live in the inner most or lowest layer of Earth's atmosphere called _____.
On a topographic map, a _____ line connects points of equal elevation.
Inorganic crystalline substances found naturally in the earth.
The distance in degrees east or west of the Prime Meridian.
Rock that has undergone change, usually due to heat and/or pressure.
___________ weathering - breaking down rocks into sediments with a different chemical composition from the original rock.
An icicle-like structure hanging down from the ceiling of a cavern.
The decayed remains of once-living creatures that forms rich organic material in soil is called _____.
The idea that continents are slowly moving over the Earth's surface is known as continental _______.
Layer of soil that is rich in humus.
Point on the Earth's surface above where the earthquake is triggered is called the ______.
Repeating geometric shape of a mineral.
Main cause of erosion and weathering
The color of a minerals powder is called its _________.
The outer and inner core are made mostly of the metals _______ and nickel.