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Band Final Exam Part 1

Teacher: Causey
Time signature at the beginning of the finale (marching show)
Musical term for fast
Typical performance at christmas time
McGee's instrument
Artist whose music was heavily featured in this year's marching show
What you have to do to make an auxiliary unit
Type of flags used in part 2 of the show
Piece of music written for two instruments
Bruno mars song that followed Fever in the opener
How to keep the tuning slides moving smoothly
Adds back half the original value
Sometimes called "Old Greg"
Department of Hokes Bluff High School featured at the Spring Concert this year
Song that opened up the show with minimal percussion
Captain of the color guard
Sometimes you have to take one
How to keep the valves moving smoothly
Favorite pastime of a couple of band members
Stack them when we are done
Drum major for the 2015 fall season
Piece of music written for three instruments
What bands do instead of walking
Piece of music written for four instruments
Emily's grade if everyone has a hundred
The soloist in part 2 of the marching show.
What a "1" means
The holiday that we play a concert on in December
Code _______
Majorette of the past
We don't have school on this holiday in September
Plays the trumpet
Tiffany and Abby's favorite color
Musical term for walking speed
A senior
Junior this year