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8th Grade Poetry Vocabulary

Teacher: Kellin McGowan
Two consecutive rhyming words
Something that has meaning in itself and also stands for something else
Narrative poems that tell about heroes who embody the values of a culture
Comparison that uses like or as
Use of words with sounds that imitate or suggest the meaning
These poems do not follow a regular meter or rhyme scheme, but they do include other elements of poetry
Also called near rhyme, off rhyme, imperfect rhyme. or slant rhyme
Repeated vowels sounds, as in weightless and space
Describing an inanimate thing as if it had human or lifelike qualities
Poems of mourning
The repetition of stressed and unstressed syllables
Type is a lyric poem that is 14 lines long and usually has a particular type of meter
What poems have instead of sentences
What poems have instead of paragraphs
A regular pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables
Rhyme that occurs within a rhyme
The repetition of constant sounds in several words that are close together
Poems that tell stories and have story elements
Songlike poems tell a story, most often about love, betrayal or death
A comparison that does not use a connecting word
Language that appeals to the senses
Long, lyric poems that were traditionally written to celebrate a famous person or a lofty idea