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Plant Cell Crossword

Controls the cell & contains the cell's genetic material (DNA)
Special carbohydrate that helps to make the plant's structure so strong (*hint - important component of the cell wall)
Makes proteins
Stores water, salt, proteins, and other carbohydrates
Modifies, sorts, & ships proteins
Helps to maintain the cell's shape (*hint - similar to how bones help to maintain a body's shape)
Material that supports & protects the cell's organelles (*hint: gel-like)
Site of photosynthesis
Outermost layer of the plant cell
Supports/protects the cell, semi-permeable, and is made up of a phospholipid bilayer
Site of aerobic, cellular respiration
Contains enzymes that synthesizes membrane lipids and detoxifies drugs
Proteins are chemically modified here and then transported to their next destination (*hint - has ribosomes)