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Grammar & Critical Verbs 1

Year in Review 1
Make reference to where you got information
Mr. Curry
Will Ferrell character
Retell in your own words
Person, place, or thing
Do this to all proper nouns
Where the animals are
Break down into components
LA 11/12 ______
A Toronto hoopster
Show how to do something
Make parts into a whole
An action word or state of being
Describes a verb
There, they're, or ______
The QB wants these
Mr. Shakur
Hold up or strengthen
"we all scream for ___ cream"
Ex. he, she, it, them, I
Express or state clearly
Get the meaning
Use clues to reach conclusion
Describes a noun
Note what is similar or the same
Give the main points
Arrange into an order
Note what is different
Common word to join clauses
___ as a bee
Where you are
Coffee or ____