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8th grade 4th QTR. HEALTH

Teacher: MRS. YOUNG
Cancer destroys healthy _______.
Avoidance of this...., is not a healthy alternative to drug use.
Shared values, communication skills, and emotional maturity promotes what kind of marriages?
Tissue damage caused by Injury or infection has an ______________ response.
A teen who is a parent has limited time. This is one of the ..............
What causes physiological or psychological dependence on a drug.
_______blood pressure is not a long-term effect of tobacco use.
Unwanted touch, (sexual)
Once an ovum is released from an ovary , it enters what tube?
Cruel or hurtful online contact is called ______ bullying.
Eating well & getting exercise, properly handling food, and not sharing personal items will help a person reduce the risk of getting a communicable ___________.
When the body becomes used to the effect of a medicine.
This is a physical barrier against pathogens.
STD'S are all highly __________? (capable of being easily transmitted)
One can get this disease from sharing needles when injecting drugs.
Washing your hands before handling pets is _______ a prevention strategy that will reduce the risk of spreading communicable diseases.
Warning sign of drug use.
A fatal reaction to taking large amounts of drugs.
When people use marijuana, they tend to have __________
To stop a wound from bleeding, you should first _________ the wounded body part above the level of the heart.
Teens feel a need to be accepted by ______
In an emergency, you should first check the ______ to make sure it is safe.