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World War II

Teacher: Fallat
Philippines Death March
Code name for atomic bomb project
Roosevelt Initials
Trials for Nazi war criminals
Bitter defeat for Nazis (literally & figuratively)
Often a sergeant or corporal
Decision maker for dropping Atomic Bombs
Der Fuhrer
Supports US Isolationism
Britain's Leader in WWII
Mussolini Nickname
June 6th, 1944
Spanish Fascist
Meeting of the Big 3 in 1945
Responsible for rationing foods in USA; Price controls for rents & wages
Leader of raid to bomb Tokyo
Atomic bomb #2
Famous flag raising; Mount Suribachi; Pacific Theater
Suicide pilots
Japanese Americans plight
Significant battle in the Pacific
US General in Pacific; "I Shall Return"
Night of Broken Glass
Beach in Normandy Landings
May 8th, 1945
Italian Fascist
Germany, Italy, and Japan
Lifeline to Great Britain and others from USA
Atomic bomb #1
Another beach in Normandy Landings
The countries fighting against the Nazis
Japanese Leader
America's Secret Weapon in WWII
Captured Combatant