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Science Word Wall

To get larger
Data or information gathered by a scientist during on investigation
The study of the natural world
Data or information gathered by a scientist during on investigation
Not changing, the conditions in an experiment must remain constant
Information you observe or information collected in numbers
A procedure carried out to gather data about an object or event
A picture, idea or object that represents an object or process
To get larger in size, volume, etc
To share the results of investigations
A fair test that can show that one thing causes another to happen
To keep all the variables in an experiment the same except for the one variable beingtested
To show how two or more things are similar
A lipped cylindrical glass or plastic container for laboratory use
An explanation for why or how things work
To use your senses to gather information
A person who asks questions about the natural world and studies the world around them
On untested conclusion based on your observations
To group objects or living things based on their similarities and differences
A statement that describes on observable occurrence that appears to always be true
A possible answer to a question that can be tested to see if it is correct
A tool for looking at objects that cannot be seen with the eye alone
To get smaller
To get smaller or shorter in size
To share the results of investions
To show how two or more things are different
To make things larger so they can be seen more clearly
To use observations and data to form on idea of what will happen under certain conditions
To draw a conclusion about something
To study something closely and carefully