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Teacher: mrs maxon
A logic procedure for gathering and testing data
Studied the great Philosopher Plato and later started his own school the lyceum at Athens.
Recorded the movement of the planets for years following what Copernicus started 100 years earlier
Developed analytical geometry which linked algebra and geometry together
A new way of thinking about the natural world
Invented the first microscope and the maker of eyeglasses
Ancient Greek physician whose writings were accepted by European doctors.
Tested out a breathable gas - later known as oxygen
Found Jupiter had 4 moons
The law of gravity
Sun centered theory
Demonstrated mathematically that the planets revolve around the sun in an elliptical orbit.
Wrote a book about how the heart acted as a pump and circulated the blood throughout the body
Said a pendulum swings at a slower rhythm as it approaches its resting place.
Reasoned that the sun was at the center of the universe.
Observed bacteria swimming in tooth scrapings
Dissected human corpses and published observations in his book.
Discovered the law of pedulum
Pioneered the use of the scientific method in chemistry
Built his own telescope.
Believed everything should be doubter until proven by reason