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World Geography 1106 - #1

Longest river in Asia
Cultural region of India and the surrounding nations
Capital of Bangladesh
This religion includes the caste system and a belief in reincarnation
The spiritual heart of India
Another name for K2 or Godwin Austin
Economic base in developed countries
Cultural region of peninsulas and islands between India and China
Longest man-made structure on Earth
The Hindu religion includes Karma, the Dharma, reincarnation and the .....
Largest continent on Earth
This, and chemical fertilizers, are often necessary for efficient agricultural production in Asia.
Capital of South Korea
The religion of the Old Testament
The Indian subcontinent includes India, Pakistan and ...
First industrialized Asian nation
Most populous democracy on Earth
The cultural region of Mongolia, central and western China
Largest desert in Asia
The founder of the Buddist religion
Nation with the largest population
Only Hindu monarchy
The cultural region between southern Russia and the Arctric Ocean
This religion is also a political theory
Capital of Mongolia
Southeast Asia is considered a .... ....
Capital of Japan
Agriculture is economic the basis of these nations
Nation with capital of Islamabad
Capital of Taiwan
Taiwan was founded when the Communists took over mainland ...