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African American Spirituals

Teacher: Richardson
Enslaved Africans in North America were not allowed to sing, play instruments, or dance in ways that were authentic to their ___________.
Bible stories about Jesus gave slaves _______ for an end to their sorrows in life.
Slaves saw a mirror of their own captivity in the Bible stories about the Jews' captivity in _____________.
Escape was seen as a holy _________.
Verse/refrain form and Bible story lyrics fit well with African Americans' __________ ___________.
A secret escape route for slaves that stretched from the southern slave states to "free" states in the north.
Slaves in North America were required to practice this religion
This song title told slaves how to avoid the scent-tracking dogs that slave trackers used.
In spirituals, the means of escape for slaves was often referred to as _______ ___________.
In spirituals, the _____ north of the Ohio River was referred to as "Sweet Canaan, the Promised Land".
A favorite rhythmic adaptation made by singers of spirituals.
Slaves' own religious music from Africa was ___________.
Slaves were sometimes permitted or encouraged to hold their own ________ meetings.
In spirituals, this represented the Underground Railway.
Signaled the Ohio River
Slaves realized their experiences were similar to stories from this book
"Follow the Drinking Gourd" was a song that referred slaves to a ______________ they could follow at night.
These grew out of the experiences of enslaved peoples from western and central African countries.
Slaves sometimes did this to the 3rd, 5th, or 7th notes of the scale in order to express a sorrowful theme.
Verses were often added to spirituals to give a _________.
Brought performances of spirituals to an international audience
Musical form that is popular in West Africa
People who were captured and brought to the New World to work as slaves
Singing together in rhythm helped laborers to pass the __________.
The Bible story of David and Goliath showed slaves that the _______ could overcome the mighty.