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Culture Camp Crossword

The quality that is the accepted way of doing things in a group of people
A specific area of the country
New York City nickname
The state that is at the western end of the USA
The "country" or the area outside a city or town.
Relating to people who come from Latin America
The first people when the USA was being formed
Smiling and nice to talk to and be with
People who live in countries like England, France, Germany and Italy
The five large bodies of water in the midwestern United States
The states in the middle of the USA
The way people live and the way they do things in their groups or culture
Very large
A person who moves to another country
The state you are visiting now
The state west or the state where you are
The cities or towns in a country
The people that live in a specific area
The university located in Evanston, IL.
The style of cooking of a particular culture
The area of the USA where New York City is located
The area between Urban and Rural areas where people live
The state east of the state where you are
The area at the lower part of the USA