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Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant Discharge Education

These can remain in the home, avoid contact with their waste
Observe Central Line for this daily, Notify MD or office if CVC site is red, tender, drainage, or a change in appearance of feeling,
You can _______ to work or school once doctor approves.
Will continue to draw this in the office from central line and replace products as needed
Loss of ____ can occur even after home from transplant. East small frequent meals and encourage high protein foods. If unable to sustain diet please let doctor know during follow up visits.
Keep up on daily ____. Daily showers should continue.
Such as tacrolimus, wait to take this medication class of _________, if subscribed until after blood draw in OHC or outpatient that morning.
Must not _____ for typically three months following transplant. Must have doctor approval before resuming.
Talk to doctor before making any plans to do this. Must be through recovery process before this can occur.
IV electrolytes such as this one can be adminstered as a supplement when in the office for follow ups. MD may send you home with these as a oral medication if necessary
Wash these before each meal, after the bathroom, after meeting people, and before touching central line area,
Avoid prolonged exposure to this, Wear clothing that covers body and SPF 30 of higher when outside.
Avoid ____ doing this in lakes and public pools. . Avoid hot tubs, all due to risk of bacteria.
If you have ____ let school know to inform you of communicable diseases that may become present. if exposed let doctor know.
100.4 or above is a ____. Let office or doctor know right any if this is found.
Continue mouth care at discharge, Continue to use soft bristle toothbrush and avoid flossing.
Body loses childhood ____ after transplant. Will receive these once doctor approves. Typically close to one year after transplant.
Continue to walk to stay active, encourage ____. Allow rest periods in between if fatigue is stopping you from completing.
Consult doctor before taking any over the counter _______.
Please have caregiver pick medications up from here when mew medications or refills are needed. Start as disunited by doctor
These can remain in the home. Limit fresh ____ exposure. Avoid outdoor gardening and grass mowing.
Also wear this when in public settings. Remember to wear to and from appointments as well until told by doctor otherwise.
Avoid large crowds and always wear a mask in public settings to avoid ___ people.