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Climate Chapter 25 Name ____________________

Teacher: Julie Nordin - Earth Science
A climate in which temperatures average 8 degrees C in the coldest month and 10 degrees C in the warmest month. (three words)
A dry wind that flows down the slopes of the Alps.
The climate of a small area.
The surface features of land; influences climate by controlling the flow of air.
A large variation in temperature and precipitation over short distances because of changes in elevation is characteristic of this climate.
A climate with high temperatures and heavy precipitation for part the year;typical of equatorial regions. (two words)
A climate characterized by average temperatures at or below freezing. (two words)
A climate with the largest annual temperature range of all climates.(two words)
A method of measuring past climates in which high levels of CO2 point to warm temperatures. (two words)
A gradual increase in the average global temperature due to a high concentration of gases such as CO2. (two words)
Average land and water temperatures at the same latitude vary because of differences in heat loss through this.
A method of measuring past climate changes in which pollens indicate climate types.