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add-ons make a verb

Teacher: Engle Zubalik
Someone who does not live up to their potential
Make shorter
Make something wet (moist)
Bill too much money (more than agreed on)
Try to convince someone NOT to do something
Working too hard, showing too much zeal
Not understood
Make bigger, larger
Too much work
Finding fault with
Not appreciated enough
Cannot find, not in the right place
Rise above, surmount, get over
Make softer
Pass something that was ahead of you (such as a car)
So noisy, it takes away your ability to hear for a while
Make wider, more open (metaphor)
Menace, say you will harm someone if they do not do as you wish
Make less strong
Be eliminated, lose your qualifications
Support, cheer on
Do something bad or annoying
Thought I was someone else (3 words)
Too-small salary
Make someone sad
Make wider
Hurt the reputation of (cheap + affix)
To fool, trick or lie to
Make lighter, less heavy
Opposite of tighten