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Joseph - Genesis 39-43

Teacher: SR Bible Hour
Had a dream about a vine.
Had dreams about cows and corn.
What Joseph pretended to be when he first saw his brothers in Egypt
Swallowed up the healthy grain.
Joseph was put in charge of the Whole land of _____.
Pharaoh gave this to Joseph as a sign of Authority.
Sent by Jacob to buy grain in Egypt
Tried to entrap Joseph?
What Joseph gave the brothers when they first returned to Egypt.
The Lord gave him success in everything he did.
Left behind with Jacob.
Age of Joseph when he was entered the service of Pharaoh.
Had a dream about baskets.
What Joseph accused his brother of being.
The amount Pharaoh should keep during the Seven years of Abundance.
Joseph demanded that they bring ________ back to Egypt.
What Joseph had placed in the sacks with the grain.
Where Potiphar put Joseph when he believed his wife's story about Joseph.
First, Joseph predicted seven years of this.
The brothers were amazed that they were seated in _________.
Was Pharaoh's captain of the guard.
Put Joseph in charge of all that was done in prison.
Could not interpret Pharaoh's dreams.
Joseph opened these when the famine began.
The meaning of the name Ephraim.
Country where Joseph was sold as a slave.
Joseph's first son.
Joseph predicted _______ years of Famine.
Joseph had ______ kept in prison until the brothers returned.
What Joseph did when he first saw Benjamin in Egypt.
Who Joseph could interpret Pharaoh's dreams.