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Sort 43 - Greek & latin Roots

Teacher: Jamie
When something is done and can't be undone, when something is said it can't be unsaid.
A written note used to help to remember something in the future
Objects people keep or collect because of their links to certain events
Comes from latin for 'mind'
A statue (or structure) made so people remember a person or event
A person who studies languages
Yo! Wassup bro. And other informal words. LOL.
Comes from Greek for 'mind' or 'mental'
The treatment of mental disorders through investigating the conscious and unconscious mind, memories, fears, dreams etc.
A type of pasta that is long, thin and flat
Relating to the human voice, or expressing your opinions loudly
A person speaking on behalf of another person, or a person who supports a particular idea.
'Bringing the mind back' to an earlier time
An object kept to help you remember a person or event
To remember and celebrate a person (usually deceased) or past event.
The human mind, soul or spirit.
Having a strong feeling for what job you would be very suitable for - your calling.
The treatment of mental illness - usually through psychology rather than medicine
Able to speak several languages
Meaning 'language'
A person who helps treat mental illness
Coming from the very distant past
The study of the human mind and how it works
Able to speak 2 languages
Deliberately making others angry (or react strongly) by what you say or do
A method of communication - either written, spoken or through signals
Meaning 'voice' or 'call'