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Psychological Disorders

Teacher: Peterson's Perpetual Puzzles
She had similar goals to Pinel, changing North American view's of psychological disorders.
Ancient culture that saw disorders as punishment for sin and looked to religion for a cure.
An inclusive view of the causes of psychological disorders, this model studies how nature and nurture interact. It considers your genetic predisposition along with social and cultural beliefs that affect behaviors.
These serve to buffer us from mental disorders; exercise, resilience in coping with adversity, and social support from family and friends are just a few.
Ancient culture that viewed disorders as the result of demonic possession and treated them with prayer and magic.
Troublesome to other people.
A harmful dysfunction in which thoughts, feelings, or behaviors are maladaptive, unjustifiable, disturbing, and atypical.
Without a rational basis.
A criticism is that it has not led to the miracle cures some health workers hoped for. It overlooks the influence of such factors as stress, upbringing, and personal history.
A rule for accepted and expected behavior in a paricular culture.
So different that it violates a norm; behavior is not like other people's behavior in that culture.
A group of severe disorders characterized by disturbed thinking, perceiving, feeling, and acting.
Research suggests that we view people differently after we have _______ them.
18th century, conditions had improved but people with mental illnesses were often chained and locked up in filthy institutions or displayed like zoo animals.
(15th century) Suspected that people showing symptoms of psychological disorders were possessed by demons, and they often tortured or executed the suffers to oust these bad spirits.
This germ helped to change the view of psychological disorders from demonic possession to a sickness.
Spitzer points out that this helps mental health professionals communicate with one another about psychological disorders, understand some of the processes at work, and guide people toward better outcomes in their treatment.
The concept that mental diseases have physical causes that can be diagnosed, treated, and in most cases, cured.
Along with other reformers worked to eliminate institutional brutality, changing Europe's view of psychological disorders.
These are helpful in in giving us thumbnail sketches that let us understand communicate quickly.
Methods used by the ancient Babylonians, Hebrews, and Greeks when dealing with psychological disorders.
Destructive to oneself or others sometimes (not always) an exaggeration of normal, acceptable behavior.
Along with other Greek philosophers, he blamed faulty thought processes for psychological disorders . They also believed in the healing power of words.