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Chapter 6: Cell Parts

Material consisting of DNA and proteins
Sac of digestive enzymes; macromolecules are hydrolyzed
Small structure that makes protein
Photosynthetic organelle; converts energy of sunlight to chemical energy stored in sugar molecules
Projections that increase the cell's surface area
Produces a usable form of energy (ATP) for the cell
Double membrane enclosing the nucleus
Anchorage of nucleus and certain other organelles
Changes in cell shape; muscle contraction; cytoplasmic streaming in plant cells
Motility structure present in some animal cells
Lipids manufactured here; breaks down drugs and toxin in liver
Region where the cell's microtubules are initiated; contains a pair of centrioles
Many cells secrete proteins that are produced by ribosomes
Organelle active in synthesis, modification, sorting, and secretion of cell products
Rigid covering of a plant cell; maintains cell's shape and protects cell from damage
The region of the cell between the plasma membrane and the nucleus
Produces hydrogen peroxide as a by-product and then converts it to water
Cytoplasmic channels through cell walls that connect the cytoplams of adjacent cells
Sticky layer made mostly of collagen that holds animal cells together
Reinforces cell's shape, functions in cell movement
May store water, needed chemicals and wastes in plant cells
Membrane enclosing the cell
Cell control center