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the lord of the flies

the tribe’s base located on the “bad side of the island”
the hunter’s weapon of choice
Roger is quite
was shot down
lost to piggy along with his specs
boys will flock to whomever provides it
savages wear masks they wear uniforms
with it they can kill with no grief
must be constantly produced to signal any possible rescuers
One must be flagged (or smoked) down if they want to leave
that which is most desired by jack
jack wasted a renewable resource by killing a...
only sturdy shelters can protect from these
generally held after the sounding of the conch
very few are built despite their importance
they’re just boys with...
a group of savages
an applicable descriptor of the boy’s behavior by the end of the novel
without meat, it's all there is to eat
the choir’s more exciting occupation
Only jack has one
body of water in which the island is located
reluctantly voted for jack in the election
an emotion with controlling power above all
without them piggy cannot see
a leisurely activity enjoyed by the youngins (often when they’re supposed to be working)
only simon possesses copious amounts of it
Jack and Ralph’s conflicts stem from a difference in their...
the horn used to call assemblies
likes to be addressed as Merridew
worn to feel anonymity
a realist who wears glasses
represented by a once cream white shell
Was to be brought to a shaded spot by the palm trees in coconuts
they’re stranded on an island
used mainly as cups
a coral barrier protects one side
a crimson dye washed away by the waves
savages are devoid of it
frail and underrated but can sense future happenings
fabricated yet terrifying it’s brought up once and never goes away
good leadership involves providing a sense of...
a … is used by Jack to put everyone into a frenzy
the lord of the flies
simon getting mistaken for the beast while going to warn the others about the beast is an example of
his face proclaims no evil
is used to make smoke and to cook
was being waged on and off the island