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Acrylic nails

BBecomes the freeedge
What gloves are made of
IN the maintenance service
Types of nail primer are most often used
Used to extend the nail
Any nail art that protrudes from the nail
IInside the nail
Numbert of grains on a file
Initiator that is added to powder
Cause the monomer to permanently link
A Dust mask will protect yiu
How do you clean a dampen dish
Mixing a-powder and monomer
Refers to one unit called a molecule
Beadr of product for snapping the free edge
Sides of the nail
Formedf by combining many small molecules
Clean the dampen dis with
A True statement
Formed at the tip of a brush
TThe area of the nail with the most strength
Useing equal amounts of powder and liquid
Odorless product must be used
Uses twice of the amount of liquid
Located at the center of the nail