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Bacterial Cell Structure

Process in which water osmotically leaves a cell causing the cytoplasm to shrivel
Small, closed, circular extrachromosomal DNA found in bacteria, archaea, and some fungi
Component of bacterial cytoskeleton that forms ring during septum formation in cell division
Type of bond that confers strength in the X direction, connects sugars in glycan chain
Exists in the outer membrane of gram negative bacteria
Layer of well organized material lying outside of the plasma membrane, most commonly composed of polysaccharides
Secreted by gram positive bacteria and aids in degradation of large nutrients
Type of bond that confers strength in the Y direction, gives elasticity
Rigid structure lying outside the plasma membrane, there are two types based on gram stain
Polymers of glycerol joined by phosphate groups, help maintain cell envelope in gram positive bacteria
Composed of the capsule and slime layer, aids in attachment to solid surfaces
Threadlike appendages that extend outward from the plasma membrane and cell wall that aid in motility
Unorganized layer of material lying outside of a bacterial or archaeal cell wall, may aid in motility
Contains MotA and MotB proteins, forms channel through plasma membrane through which protons flow