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Last Days - Matthew 24

The sun shall be__________
Who then is a faithful and _______ servant
Who then is a _______and wise servant
Don't take anything out of the ________
When ye see the _________of desolation
Ye shall hear of _______
he shouldn't leave the field to take his __________
Great ______________, such as was not since the beginning
Blessed is that _______
And ___________ in divers places
let them in Judaea ________into the mountains
Be ye also __________
_________ and giving in marriage
As the __________cometh out of the ease
Ye know not what _______ your Lord doth come
My _______ delayeth his coming
Such as was not since the ____________
the love of many shall wax _________
And His _________came to him
Shall not be left here one ________ upon another
The ______shall fall
And _________ went out
These are the beginning of ______________
He is in the __________, go not forth
Lightning commeth out of the ______
Mu lord _________ his coming
But if that ________ servant
My _________ shall not pass away
Except those days should be __________
They were __________, and drinking
Preached in all the _______
He is in the secret_________
Then shall be great _________
Deliver you up to be _________
And shall cut him _________
Abomination of _________, spoken of by Daniel
Shall the sun be _________
Neither on the ________ day
The days that were before the ________
What shall be the sign of thy ____________
Appoint his a portion with the _________
Ruler over all his ________
For the _________ sake
This ________ of the kingdom
Lo, here is _________, or there
Shineth even unto the _______