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1920's Music & Dance Student Study Guide

Teacher: Dearing
Another dance that was popular in the 1920's. Also referred to animal dancing.
Jazz artist in the 1920's. Sings, "What a wonderful world".
Another art movement in the 1920's, that affected architecture. Used materials like aluminum and stainless steel.
Author in the 1920's who's literature influenced people today and then.
Other form of music that rose to popularity in the 1920's. This form of music is still popular today.
Music that gained popularity in the 1920's.
Type of dance that was very popular along with blues and jazz.
First great jazz trombonist. Started a New Orleans band with several other jazz artist, including: King Oliver and Louis Armstrong.
Important instrument in a jazz or blues band.
Art movement in the 1920's that expressed dreams and visions.
Women who wore beaded material and dresses unique.
Broadway musical, with a cast of african american women, that made the Charleston more popular.
Competitions people would have to see who could dance for the longest amount of time.
Often referred to as the jazz town.
Popular men's attire in the 1920's.