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Social Psychology: Chapter 3 Terms

(*) after a clue indicates two word answer with no empty grid space between the words
*Participants in an experiment that are exposed to an independent variable
*Variables for which response categories are ordered but the distances between adjacent categories are not necessarily equal
*The variable predicted to lead to a change in the dependent variable
*Participants in an experiment that are not exposed to the independent variable
*A form of qualitative research in which a researcher becomes a member of the group being studied
Specific statements about how variables will relate to one another in a research study
A measure of the dependent variable after exposure to the independent variable in an experiment
When a study yields the same results using the same techniques and data
A group of people drawn for use in a study
The larger group of people about whom a researcher seeks to draw conclusions
*A sample in which any available person is included in the study
A series of related questions designed to measure an underlying concept such as mastery
*Groups that ensure that the benefits of a research project outweigh any potential harm to research participants
*A type of variable in which the difference between any two adjacent values is the same
*Semi-structured interviews with small groups of people
Translating a concept into something that can be measured
A type of quantitative research procedure in which investigators control participants’ exposure to an independent variable