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The Gospel

To believe in God and to put our trust in his son Jesus Christ to save us, even if we can't see him.
Talking to God
Anything we do that disobeys God.
For God so ______ the world that He gave his only son.
Another word for being hurt, hated, and unfairly treated.
_________ that Jesus Christ died for you and rose again.
Jesus is our ________ because He was perfect, and He died for us and rose again.
________ to give your life to Jesus Christ. This means you want to obey Jesus Christ for the rest of your life.
__________ you are a sinner and can do nothing to save yourself.
God's Word
Another word for "Lord." Jesus is our ________ if we obey him with our whole life.
The man who shared the gospel with Saul.
A "good" man who God saved
A group of people who believe in Jesus Christ, who care for each other and serve each other
Another word for "good news"
To have no sin
A "bad" man who God saved