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The ratio identity equal to the ratio of cos over sine
Sine and co-secant have this identity relationship
The y-value of a right triangle on the coordinate system is this side
When all 3 angles of a triangle are equal these are also equal
In a 45-45-90 degree triangle the hypotenuse is this of 2 in comparison to the legs
The hypotenuse of a 30-60- 90 degree triangle is this compared to the short side
The side of a 30-60-90 degree triangle that is the square root of 3 larger than another side is across from this angle
Angle formed by two angles whose sum is 90 degrees, or a nice comment
Angles less than 90 degrees, or someone who quick-witted
This type of triangle is formed when all 3 angles of a triangle are equal
The Pythagorean identity proves that sine squared plus cosine squared equal this, the loneliest number
The angles in an isosceles triangle that have the same measurement are called this
Angles are denoted with these type of letters, also used to shout in written text
Cosines reciprocal identity
The side used with the hypotenuse when finding the cosine of an angle
Angles are called this when they share a terminal side
When in standard position, the angle has a vertex at (0,0) and the initial side is on this part of the x-axis
The type of triangle created when 2 sides and 2 angles are equal
Angle formed by two angles whose sum is 180 degrees, or extra work
Sides are denoted with these type of letters
This is the name of the side across from the 90 degree angle
The trigonometric function found by the ratio of y over the radius or opposite over hypotenuse
He not only discovered the relationship between sides of a right triangle, but also discovered reciprocals of counting numbers and correlation between musical notes, proving math is everywhere
Tangent is the same as this component of a line corresponding to the terminal side of angle theta
3 side polygons
Angels greater than 90 degrees, and someone who is slow-witted
A quadrantal angle has this side on an axis
Found using the ratio of y over x or opposite over adjacent
Angle theta is where 2 rays meet at this part of the angle
90 degree angles