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Module 1: World History

Chapters 15 Review
Belief in 1 God (2)
Essential rights and freedoms (3)
Cultural movement that questioned the church (2)
Citizen rule; no indirect democracy (1)
Natural rights (4)
England became a constitutional monarchy (3)
Limited the kings power (3)
Freedom of speech (4)
Religious belief-equality (2)
Forced creation of the 12 Tablets (1)
Social contract that had a monarch (4)
Right to a jury trial (3)
Rule by the few (1)
Power comes from the people (4)
Tolerate other religious beliefs (2)
Basis for legal systems in English speaking countries (3)
17th/18th Century intellectual movement (4)
Power with citizens (1)
Written code of laws (2)
Led to Protestantism (2)
Rule by 1 (1)
Rule by the nobles (1)
Separation of powers (4)
Aristocrats controlled foreign and financial policies (1)