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Parks trees and plants

A flower yet to bloom.
Low woody bush plant.
Lunch at the park.
Urban green space.
Swinging part of a fence.
A shrub or clump of shrubs.
Timber of a coniferous tree.
Flower spores anther.
A long seat for several people made of wood or stone.
Merry goround.
Lawn or pasture.
Part of a flower stalk.
A plant including stems stalks bracts and flowers.
Miniature plant.
The wood from a broadleaved tree such oak or beech.
Parcel thread.
A brightly colored rubber sac inflated.
Blade of plant.
A cycle that has two wheels.
A young tree
The main woody stem of a tree.
Shady recess in a garden.
Flower or blossom.
Carved figure of a human.
Tree skin.
Hanging seat on a playground.
New born child.
Walkway or track.
A tree shrub or herb.
Bough of a tree.
Parks water feature.
High flying toy with a tail.
Small body of water.
Seed leaf.
A barrier of palings.
A young plant.
Spine on some plants.
Organ that anchors plants in the ground.
Plant cultivated for blossoms.
Huge plant with a trunk.
The female organs of a flower.
Plant that grows up a wall or trellis.
Small glass ball used in games.
Baby carriage.
Companion animal.