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Sun's Out Guns Out Crossword

Golden potatoes, oven cured tomatoes, olives, salsa verde, chili aioli
Producer located on an active Volcano
Oldest wine making family in the world
Birds of a Feather
Antoine's Favorite Appetizers
Amanda's Daughter
Newest manager to Alpine
Nitro Merlin
Cucumber vodka, lime, basil, guava
Broccoli rabe pesto, oregano, lemon, toasted bread crumbs
Goat cheese, pistachios, oregano, parmesan crostini, honey thyme vinaigrette, vincotto
Heirloom tomatoes, avocado, basil, prosciutto di parma
Newest sous chef at Osteria Posto
Wood-fired corn, roasted cippolini, wild mushrooms, vincotto
Quattro formaggio,oregano, speck, arugula
Fontina, mint, oregano,roasted, garlic
Style of organic farming
Sumpin Easy
Springdale Collaboration
Italian state known for making Frappato
Clay wine storage vessel
Famous female winemaker from Trentino
Summer legume, fresh herbs, wood-fired tomato vinaigrette
Grilled, wood-fired caponata,balsamico, Ligurian olive oil
Most planted grape in Piedmont
Toasted panzanella, heirloom tomatoes, basil, aged sherry vinaigrette
European Pale Lager
Pan-fried, arugula, wood-fired tomatoes, parmesan
This wine is made from the Cortese Grape