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Grade 8, lesson 20

Teacher: Grade 6
Parable that reminds us that repentance and conversion must be lived out in good works
Short stories with a message
God plan for and protection of all creation
Allows the Church to be readily seen through her leaders, beliefs, laws, and practices
A participation in the very life of God
Faith, hope, charity
The source and highpoint of the Church's life
Having to do with the Church's inner life
By this we take on the common mission of sharing the good news of Jesus
The Church is founded on Christ and the ___.
The Church's written record of God's revelation
Teachings that come down to us through the Apostles
The power of God's love active in our lives and in our world
The office of the bishop
The way in which our life of faith comes to us,
Apostle who spoke of the kingdom of heaven