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Sociology Philosophers

The ongoing struggle between the bourgeoisie (owners) and the proletariat (workers)
This occurs because members have been taught to value the group's ways
Class owning the meas for producing wealth
Recognized as the father of psychology
The patterned interaction of people in social relationships
A view that looks at behavior of groups, not individuals
Felt great concern for the poverty and inequality suffered by the working class in his day
Find by adding all numbers in a series then divide the sum
Scientific study of social structure and social human behavior
Explained that, like a body, a society is composed of many parts working together to promote its well being and survival
The ability to see the link between society and self
Person who owns the means for producing wealth
Contributed the theory of evolution
Working class; those who labor for the bourgeoisie
Pioneer feminist who saw the link between slavery and the oppression of women - supporter in the emancipation of slaves and women
Find by arranging all the numbers in a series from low to high
The way you see things, a particular point of view
The umber in a series that appears most often