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August 2019 Education

Assignments are now assigned every ________ for our BLS/ACLS programs online.
True/False: When filling out discharge medication list, only the copy being sent home with the patient needs to be filled out.
A vancomycin trough should be drawn less than or equal to ________ minutes prior to the start of the infusion.
Vital signs for blood transfusions are documented under the ____________ Vital Sign Flowsheet in Soarian.
The tool is used _________ a Midline, PICC Lin, or central venous catheter is ordered.
True/False: For a consent to be considered completely filled out, the patients name and the authorized physician portion must be filled out along with a signature/time/date from the physician, the patient, and the witness.
The video for the two person dressing change can be found in _________. This must be completed prior to Annual Skills Fair.
One reason Vancomycin levels are monitored is to minimize ___________.
Policy and Procedure Manuals is located under the _________ tool tab on the WK Net.
The Blood Product ______ Flowsheet is to be completed in addition to the Frequent Vital Sign Flowsheet when administering blood.
SCD sleeves must stay _______ to the pump and returned to Central Supply at patient discharge.
The patients ______ score must be changed to the appropriate number after a patient has fallen.
A plan of ______ is to be added to all patients who are in restraints.
The Vascular Access tool is found in EFR _________.
True/False: Empty Vials/Sharps can be placed in the sharps container on the crash carts.
Who is contacted when we have a full sharps container box in a patients room or med room and medical waste management has not emptied them yet?
We monitor the BMP/CMP with vancomycin troughs to monitor for _________ impairment.
Post mortem care is postponed until cleared by the medical examiner if a patient has died _______ or under suspicious circumstances.
POSS/Pain Assessment must be charted ______ AND after pain medication administration.
A narrow-spectrum glycopeptide antibiotic with potent antistaphylococcal activities.
The number of patients medications are to be pulled for at one time.
Typically an initial vancomycin trough is obtained prior to the ______ dose.
True/False: If a Vancomycin dose is due at 1800 with a trough drawn at 1735, I can hang my Vancomycin at 1745 even if the Vancomycin trough has not resulted.
True/False: It is the nurses responsibility to check labs/orders at the beginning of the shift and throughout the shift and know if a Vancomycin trough is to be drawn.
_____ staff needs to stop and participate in a post-fall huddle when a fall has occurred.