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Saints favorite women's pro-team.
Saints Director of Coaching.
Who's always got your back.
Don't do this unless you're a GK.
After the offensive team kicks the ball across the end line.
Passing ahead and past defenders to your teammate.
Give and go.
Saints favorite men's pro-team.
Getting too far ahead of the defensive line.
It's what we play on!
Someone we must always respect on the pitch.
One of the most important parts of being part of Saints Soccer.
The league we play in.
Where we practice.
Try to avoid these at all costs.
Passing to someone directly across from you.
After the defensive team kicks the ball across the end line.
Something we can do on our own to improve our soccer touch.
Every soccer players aim.
Something we value as much as scoring a goal.
Passing behind you to your teammate.
Who are we?
Pelé was really good at this.
Indoor soccer.