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Geography of Europe

A body of water located between the U.K. and the Scandinavian peninsula. It connects to the Atlantic Ocean through the English Channel. The Rhine River runs into it.
Largest mountain-free landform in Europe. Extending from the Pyrenees Mountains to western Russia. Is the most agriculturally productive region of Europe.
The second longest river in Europe, flowing through 10 countries making it GREAT for trade.
The 2nd largest ocean in the world. Located west of Europe.
Made of the mainland of Sweden, Norway, and part of Finland. Located in Northern Europe.
Land surrounded by water on three sides.
The largest ocean in the world. Located east of Europe.
Mountainous region of southwestern Europe. Consist of the countries of Spain and Portugal.
Located in Switzerland along the border of Germany, France, and Italy. Its highest point is Mont Blanc.
Used to show the corresponding relationship between distance on a map to the distance on the ground.
A major river system in Europe. Beginning in Switzerland flowing north through Germany emptying into the North Sea.
Used to display cardinal directions (North, South, East, West) or their intermediate points.
Connected to the Atlantic Ocean and almost completely enclosed by land (Europe to the north, Asia to the East, and Africa to the South).
Body of water separating England from France.
The smallest of all oceans. Located north of Europe and extremely cold.
Natural border between Spain and France.
Extends from North to South through western Russia from the Arctic Ocean to the Caspian Sea. Forming the border/separation between Europe and Asia.
A peninsula of Asia. Located in the Northeastern hemisphere. Bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Mediterranean Sea to the south.
A body of water located between the Balkan peninsula, and Asia. The Danube River supplies its water.
A long, narrow, deep inlet of the sea. Formed by glaciers cutting into the land. Can be found along the coast of Norway.