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Plant Classification

Suggestion: Use resources from your binder and study guide to help you!
A common type of vascular plant that reproduces with spores instead of seeds
A living thing that can create energy from the sun
A type of plant with tube-like structures that carry water and nutrients
A type of plant without tube-like structures; they usually grow low to the ground and reproduce with spores
A type of vascular plant that produces seeds in cones
Tube-like structures in nonvascular plants that transport sugars and other nutrients where they are needed
Tube-like structures in vascular plants that transport water up from the roots
Single-celled structures that ferns and nonvascular plants use to reproduce
A scientist who studies plants
A type of gymnosperm often known as evergreens because they keeps their green leaves year-round (ex. pine and fir trees)
A type of vascular plant that produces seeds in flowers or fruits
Multi-celled structures many plants use to reproduce
A common type of nonvascular plant