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"I think so, too"
Catalogs for the college bound, for short
Give a bad review
Atlanta Braves pitcher, Darren
Branch of Islam
Meeting place of two or more paths
Land that Tripoli is the capital of
Infringement of a right
George Costanza's architect alter-ego, Vandelay
Airline conned by Frank Abagnale, informally
Moved quickly toward
Like Che or Gandhi
Go by
Hung by the throat?
"I have to _____ end to this"
Word before "pool" or "splice"
Ram's mate
1990 civil rights law preventing the discrimination of the physically impaired
Makes a shirt for the Summer of Love, maybe
Anxiety alleviating drug, informally
"___ favor"
Genre of "Gangnam Style", for short
Juvenile arachnid descriptor
Where someone might see Sandy Cohen and Ryan Atwood
____ Nublar, fictional Central American site of "Jurassic Park"
Mom's favorite thing, or what the letters in the circled clues represent
Bird's sound
"The Prince Of Tides" actor, Nick
Slip for a short guy?
Cain and Abel, to Adam
Model, Hadid
Cold slush drink
Fuel brand used in Canada
Semi-automatic Soviet firearm, briefly
Terse response to a request
Any element on the periodic table without the atomic number 7, briefly
Underwater detector
Love to death
Comedy Series on the CW from '95-'09
Center of a hurricane
Not originals
Dialect spoken in Southeastern China
Contents of a child's cash register
Reggae influenced genre
Phone message that contains a cryptic link, likely
Global org. whose only member in the Southern Hemisphere is French Guiana
Surname way up north
Iron Man's billionaire alter-ego
What an agriculturist sea otter might do
Challenges TV's paw-print depositing, cartoon dog to a competition of foot speed
Exclamation at a Greek restaurant
Hawaiian goose
"At first ____ afraid...", Gloria Gaynor lyrics
Beginning of a choice
Recently retired Red Sox slugger, affectionately
Thick Japanese noodle
Monetary penalties for pastry chefs who violate the codes of conduct for crusted confections
Nasty creation in the home, for short?
Device that once had an ad campaign featuring dancing silhouettes
Anything existing between 56 and 34 Ma.
James Bond creator, Fleming
Animal that sleeps at the foot of the bed, in a classic film
Grabbed a seat around
Italian sweetie?
Say that: Sp.
What one might do to a turkey or a comedian
Far northwest territory of Canada
Forensic crime show, and spinoffs
What Doc Hopper threatens to do to Miss Piggy if Kermit doesn't agree to come outside and meet him
"Takin' Care of Business" group, for short
Where a farm animal might live