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Physical Science 1

Prefix meaning one thousandth
One of the 3 main divisions of science
Applied science
The variable that causes change in the other variable
Expectations, prejudice
Prefix meaning 1000
SI unit for mass
SI unit for length
Visual display of information
Mass divided by volume
Amount of space occupied
.075 kilograms would be 75 ____
0 degrees Celsius equals 273 degrees _____
Something not subjected to the independent variable
Possible explanation
SI unit for volume
Temperature scale Americans use
The variable that changes as the result of something else changing
Temperature scale in which 0 is freezing point of water
Scientific thought that is believed to be true
The mass of an object would not change if it were taken to the moon, but its ___ would
These might be used if the item being studied is very large, such as the solar system
The amount of matter