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The Beginning of Our Global Age: Europe, Africa, and Asia (1415-1796)

African leader from the Kongo who fought against the slave trade.
Unlike Korea, the Asian island of ____ welcomed European traders.
Soldiers from India
The Portuguese sailed to China looking for silk and ____.
Italian navigator, Christopher Columbus, sailed west in an attempt to reach the ____ ____.
Prince Henry felt like he could convert Africans to ____.
A chain of islands named after Philip II in Southeast Asia claimed by Spain in the 1500s
The Chinese considered the Portuguese and other foreigners ____.
In the 1600s Korea adopted a policy of ____, refusing to allow Europeans into their country.
Columbus thought he sailed to Asia, but was actually in the ____ islands.
Prince Henry was from ____.
The ____ established Cape Town in South Africa to serve as a shipping port on the way to Asia.
European traders would send ____ from Africa to work on plantations in the Americas and elsewhere.
European explorers sailed to Asia looking for ____.
When one company has complete control of a business or industry
Someone who makes maps
The Portuguese explored the coast of Africa looking for a route to ____.
Columbus's exploration was sponsored by the King and Queen of ____.
First European explorer to circumnavigate the world
The Dutch East Indian Company established ____ powers that gave them the power to build armies, wage war, and negotiate treaties.