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Grade 6, lesson 16

Teacher: Ms. McGranaghan
Reminds us that suffering is a part of life
Sorrow expressed in the form of a poem
The Hebrew name for the first five books of the bible.
Gives advice on how to live
The false belief that living creatures or things possess powers they do not have
This book is a collection of poetic prayers and songs that help us to give worship to God.
A gift from God that enables us to trust in God's promise to be always with us. We are confident in God's love for us.
Exile to this place helped God's people to grow in their faith.
This book deals with growing in faith and teaches that we can grow in faith by living a good life
A brief saying that gives wise advice.
Designed to urge people to live a good and holy life
This book is a collection of love poems that uses symbolic language to help us understand God's love
This book teaches us that riches, pleasures, and even wisdom only bring happiness for a while.
He said salvation would come through a suffering servant of the Lord.