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Character Ed. Vocabulary

Basing decisions on practical wisdom and good sense
Feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others
Having the determination to do the right thing even when others don't
Positive attitude about, and trust of one's self: sense of security and self-assurance
Being aware and grateful for opportunities and good things in our lives
Showing high regard for others
Being dependable in carrying out obligations and duties
Being honest and having strong moral principals
Dependable; reliable
The power to wait calmly without complaining
Showing care, compassion, friendship, and generosity
Truthfulness, sincerity, without deceit
Unselfish willingness to give and share your time and talents in your community
The desire to move towards a goal
The obligation to or pledge to carry out some action or to support some policy or person
Being persistent in pursuit of worthy objectives in spite of difficulty or discouragement
Being in proper control of your words and actions.
Being responsible for your decisions and actions
The capacity to understand and share the feelings or thoughts of someone else
Recognition of the diversity of others, their opinions, practices, and cultures
Training that corrects, molds, or perfects
Expecting the best for the future and working to achieve it
Willingness to admit mistakes and take responsibility
Feeling of faithfulness or allegiance to a friend, oath, or obligation